Statement of State’s Attorney, Bob Harvey, Regarding Vandalism at Calvert High School

I commend the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office for its swift action in identifying five suspects in the August 8, 2020 vandalism incident at Calvert High.  Based upon the information currently available, I have directed that charges be filed against these individuals for Fourth Degree Burglary and Malicious Destruction of Property.  Each of these crimes carries a maximum penalty of three years’ incarceration.  A review of the evidence will be conducted to determine if additional charges are warranted.

Let me be clear about this:  the use of racist epithets is ignorant, intolerable, and immoral.  These words have no place in private conversation, let alone in public.  As I have said before:  people who commit criminal acts in Calvert County will be prosecuted.  Criminal misconduct will have consequences.

Assistant State’s Attorney, Kyle B. Tores, Chief of the District Court Division, will be handling the prosecution of these cases.