Message from State’s Attorney Robert Harvey

Recently I had the opportunity to review the latest statistics from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.  Across the board, Calvert County had the lowest crime rates of any county on Maryland’s Western Shore.  In fact, despite having a larger population and greater density, we compared favorably to the small rural counties on the Eastern Shore.


These statistics demonstrate that Calvert County is a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.  I intend to do my part to keep it that way.  But public safety requires a community effort.  The work begins at home and is reinforced through our schools, our churches, and our civic organizations.


Crime is reduced when people know the difference between right and wrong, look out for their neighbors, and respect the rights of others.  Crime is reduced when people know that there are serious consequences for unlawful behavior.  That’s why I am pleased to report that the Maryland Court of Appeals has rejected a proposal that would have allowed violent offenders an automatic sentence reduction hearing after 20 years in prison.  Nearly 4,000 inmates would have been able to take advantage of this proposal.


I’m a strong believer in truth in sentencing.  People have the right to know that a Judge’s sentence has meaning; that it’s not just a bunch of numbers on a chalkboard that can be erased overnight.  The Calvert County State’s Attorney’s Office will continue to support the rights of citizens to have a meaningful voice in the outcome of criminal cases.