Hamrick Loses Bid to Reduce Sentence

Ancil Tony Hamrick, convicted in 2001 of a brutal Calvert County murder, has lost his bid to have his sentence reduced.  Hamrick had argued that his sentence was illegal because his convictions for first degree murder and burglary should have been treated as the same offense.  On November 9, 2022, Judge Mark S. Chandlee of the Calvert County Circuit Court disagreed, ruling that “the sentence entered was legal.”


Hamrick was convicted by a jury in 2001 of the murder of Darlene Turney.  Evidence showed that he broke into Ms. Turney’s home and attempted to strangle her.  When that failed, Hamrick obtained a knife and stabbed the victim to death.


Judge Chandlee’s ruling means that Hamrick’s sentence will remain at life imprisonment for murder plus 20 additional years for burglary.  Hamrick is currently serving his sentence at the Jessup Correctional Institute.


The State was represented in this proceeding by Calvert County State’s Attorney Robert Harvey.  Hamrick was represented by attorney Elizabeth Franzoso.