Calvert County State’s Attorney’s Office – 2020 Year in Review


1. Personnel

a. Robert Harvey, sworn in as State’s Attorney, March 27, 2020
b. James Zaifropulos, sworn in as Deputy State’s Attorney, April 27, 2020
c. Sierrrah Beeler, sworn in as Assistant State’s Attorney, April 27, 2020
d. Hired Krysta Ireland, Victim Witness Advocate and Teresa Weeks, Office Assistant III
e. Promoted Cathy Strain to position of Legal Secretary I


2. Technology

a. Provided laptop computers to support staff to enable teleworking
b. Updated Calvert County State’s Attorney Website


3. Policy and Procedures

a. Implemented Calvert County telework policy for State’s Attorney’s Office attorneys and support staff

b. Promulgated written policies regarding:

(1) Prosecution of handgun possession cases
(2) Review of “no knock” search warrants
(3) Preservation and disposal of CDS evidence
(4) Investigation of child abuse cases

c. Revised Memorandum of Understanding with Sheriff’s Office regarding extraditions

d. Revised Memorandum of Understanding with St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office regarding Maryland State Police chemist position

e. Revised Memorandum of Understanding with Sheriff’s Office regarding State’s Attorney’s Office investigators


4. Training

a. Initiated in-house training program for all attorneys (monthly)

b. Through Maryland State’s Attorney’s Association, provided training opportunities on various topics to include implicit bias

c. Initiated Circuit Court case review sessions for attorneys (two times per month)


5. Legislation

a. Provided written input on proposed 2021 body cam legislation and other proposals for criminal justice reform
b. Recommended revision of laws regarding expungement of records for boating under the influence cases
c. Recommended revision of Calvert County Discharge of Firearm Law


6. COVID-19

a. Successfully navigated phased court re-opening plan promulgated by Maryland Court of Appeals
b. In conjunction with Calvert County Health Department, other County agencies, and law enforcement partners, assisted in implementing Governor’s State of Emergency orders in Calvert County



a. November 16, 2020, selected Grand Jury for the November Term (November 16, 2020 through June 17, 2021)


8. Significant Prosecutions

a. David Harold Johnson (First Degree Murder and First Degree Rape)
b. Matthew James Baker (Aggravated Animal Cruelty)
c. Daniel Burridge (Negligent Manslaughter)
d. Anthony Michael Mileo (Possession-Child Pornography)


9. Miscellaneous

a. $1,000.00 donation to Calvert Community Churches Food Pantry on December 17, 2020